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Saturday, February 5, 2011


If you are a baker or dessert maker you will find that one essential in any kitchen is vanilla extract.   I love the scent and flavor of vanilla in baked goods, custards, French toast,  you  name it.   And the best source for vanilla that I've come across is the Arizona Vanilla Company.   They have an extremely high quality product and it comes at a fairly reasonable price.   They carry a wonderful selection of vanilla extracts, both with and without alcohol and sugar added.   They also carry an interesting collection of other forms of vanilla flavoring:  whole vanilla beans, powdered vanilla, vanilla sugar and vanilla pastes.   They even offer all of these made from several different varieties of vanilla beans:   Mexican, Madagascar,  Tahitian, Bourbon and Hawaiian.   In addition to vanilla, they also offer other natural flavorings and flavored syrups.   Customer service is very good and they are quick to answer any questions you  might have.  Shipping is fast too.   The website also has a nice selection of recipes and ideas on using their various types of vanilla flavorings.   My favorites are the Mexican vanilla extract and paste.   You never tasted/smelled such pure and delicious vanilla in your life!   Don't be fooled by lesser quality stuff, Arizona Vanilla Company is the best!!!

Oh, and right now they are having a Valentine's Day sale.   When you order, just enter this code Valentine2011 at check out and you will get 15% off of your order.   The code is good until midnight February 28, 2011.    And as always, enjoy!