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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pan-broiled Tuna Steak and non-stick frying pans

I love a good tuna steak.   I am happy when I see it on a restaurant menu, especially if it is a place where I know it will be well cooked.   I rarely find a nice looking tuna steak at the local grocery store, but when I do, I will treat myself to one.   I cook it very simply and and quickly. 

Heat a heavy, non-stick frying pan, large enough that your tuna steaks won't be too crowded.    For my two steaks tonight I used a 10 inch frying pan.   When the pan is hot, add a small splash of good quality olive oil, just enough to make a light film on the pan.   While the pan is heating, lightly rub the tuna steaks on both sides with some spicy Mrs. Dash seasoning.   Place the tuna steaks in the heated frying pan and sear a nice dark brown on each side.    When both sides are well seared, remove from heat, pour the juice of one or two limes over the tuna steaks and cover.   Allow to sit covered about 5 minutes.   The tuna steaks should flake and be slightly pink in the middle.   Serve with additional lime wedges for those who like more lime flavor.   Enjoy!

A quick word about non-stick frying pans.    There are lots of non-stick pans on the market, from very cheap to very expensive.  I've tried some of each and have come to the conclusion that the very best non-stick pan that I've come across is the T-Fal Professional Total Non-Stick Frying Pan.   Amazon carries it, as well as several other stores (Kohls carries them too).   They come in three sizes, 12.5", 10" and 8".   I have one of each.   They are dishwasher safe and very heavy.   I highly recommend them.