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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some kick ass chicken

Aaron was over tonight and I was wracking my brain trying to think of something new to do with chicken.   The fridge was nearly bare, but I did come up with a lime and a bottle of hot sauce.   I juiced the lime, added a shot of the hot sauce, a heavy dash of garlic powder and a heavy dash of Mrs. Dash.   I then took a package of boneless chicken thighs, dipped them in the resulting mixture on both sides and allowed to marinate in the fridge about 3 hours.     When Aaron got here I heated just a couple tablespoons of oil, quickly floured the chicken thighs and fried them nice and brown.   They turned out awesome!!!   Aaron even suggested that I put the recipe on here!

2 pounds boneless chicken thighs (breast cutlets would work too, but you need something that cooks fairly quickly)
the juice of 2 limes
2 tsp. hot sauce
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
1/4 tsp. Mrs. Dash (or any other spice mix you happen to like)

Beat the lime juice, hot sauce and seasonings together.   Dip the chicken on both sides in this mixture or rub it all over the chicken pieces.   Cover and place in the fridge at least an hour or longer if you like.   When ready to cook, heat about 2-3 tbsp. oil (you can add about a tbsp. of butter for flavor if you wish.) in a large skillet until it shimmers.   Dip the chicken pieces in flour on both sides and gently place in the skillet.   Fry until brown on one side, gently turn and brown on the other side.   Cook until done, with boneless thighs it won't take very long, maybe 15 minutes total.   Eat while hot.