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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bacon Flavored Chocolate???

Yesterday Aaron and I visited one of my favorite towns,  Lawrence, KS, and while there did a bit of shopping in a store I love, Au Marche.    I bought a bottle of black currant syrup, which I love poured over ice cream or strawberries or mixed into my strawberry jam.   While wandering around the store we came across some odd things, the oddest of which was Mo's Bacon Milk Chocolate Bar.    Aaron and I both love bacon and we both love chocolate, so I splurged and bought a bar just to see what it was like.   When we got back to my place, we opened it and tasted.   It has a very strong bacon smell and there are actually little pieces of bacon in the chocolate.    It was slightly salty and very bacony.    I really didn't care much for it, as the bacon just didn't seem to fit right with the smooth and creamy chocolate.   Aaron thought it was ok, not horrible like I thought, but also not something out of this world.   I told him he could finish off the bar without my help.    I was a bit disappointed.    For some reason I thought these were two flavors that might go well together, but in my opinion they don't.    Sorry Vosges Haut Chocolate Company!