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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Here is wishing everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!   My day has been a busy one.   Up and cooking by 7:00 am.   I baked my Pumpkin Pie Cake first, then at 8:30 am the turkey went in the oven.   There was only three of us for dinner, so I got the smallest turkey I could find, about 11 pounds.    I also made gravy, corn, sweet potatoes and apples, mashed potatoes and dressing.   I was especially pleased with my dressing.   After years and years of trying, I finally made dressing just like my mom's!   Mama never used a recipe for it, she just did it.   I knew what all went in it, but never could seem to get the proportions right.   Today I did!   Mama would have been proud of me.    The food was all very good, not so many leftovers that they will get old before they are gone and the company couldn't be topped.   Here's hoping all of you had a good holiday too!    And as always, enjoy!